How will a CRM Help Your Company Grow?

A CRM can help you to grow your company rapidly. Here’s what you need to know.

If you run a business then you will know that customer relationships are absolutely key to ensuring that your organisation grows at a healthy, consistent rate. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that you manage your customers efficiently, and CRM can help you to do just that.

Find the Right Customers

Did you know that for businesses that do not utilise CRM software, 79% of leads never actually convert to sales? You will have likely spent a great deal of time and resources collecting these leads, you’ll want to make sure that you convert as many of them as possible. Time is of the essence when you are a small business, and if you connect your marketing, email and social channels to your CRM then you will soon find it is easier to manage everything in one convenient dashboard. This allows you to target and engage more people, turning them from leads into loyal customers that are passionate about your brand.

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Building Sustainable Relationships

You have to make sure that you have a deep understanding of your customer if you want to grow your business. Empathy is key. You need to explore their challenges and you also need to know what matters to them. A CRM platform will help you to connect with your customers more efficiently as it allows you to track key business contacts, set task reminders, host email templates, log correspondence and much more. The cumulative effect of this will skyrocket your professional relationship with your customers and allow your business to stand out as a competent and smoothly run operation.

Reducing the Cost of Sales

New customers are a key ingredient when it comes to company growth, however, they are certainly not easy or cheap to come by. The great news is that you can offset some of the costs of your customer acquisition by generating sales through the customers you have now. CRM will help you to gain more visibility when it comes to upselling and it will also help boost your reputation.

More Revenue

A CRM can help you to improve your business by boosting your sales efficiency while also helping you to prioritise leads. It will give you the opportunity to see who is most likely to convert, while also giving you the ability to see your total engagement level. It will increase your up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, not to mention that it can also uncover any referral business for you too. You can say goodbye to cold-calling and dead ends because with CRM, you can take control over your marketing efforts while also being able to expand the realm of your customer service.

CRM really is a game-changer when it comes to the world of business, and you would be surprised at how much you are missing out right now by simply not having it as a tool in your arsenal. If you want to invest in a CRM for yourself or if you are interested in finding out how your company could benefit on a personal level, then why not contact us today at Purple Potato Software? We can’t wait to help.

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