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Our CRM platform has been developed for roofing contractors and the roofing industry. It boasts a wide range of software designed to help with common tasks and daily concerns.

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For roofing contractors, managing relationships with customers is of the utmost importance. You receive a lot of new customers through recommendations from current and previous ones. As such, you need to keep your clients happy and provide them with the best possible service. This is why a complete CRM solution for roofing contractors is essential.

Roofing contractors are often left in the past, relying on outdated technology to get things done. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to take a big step forward into the digital age. CRM solutions empower you with the tools needed to handle the following:

  • Nurture leads
  • Convert more leads
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Develop a stronger relationship with every customer

Did you know that research has shown how advantageous CRM solutions can be for any business, including roofers? 85% of businesses adopting a CRM solution saw an improved customer experience while 58% believed it helped them make faster decisions. Do you want to see improvements like this? You need CRM software for roofing contractors right away.

Why Do Roofing Contractors Need CRM Software?

Put simply, CRM software for roofing contractors will help you gain control of your business. Remember, your entire service revolves around the customer. You exist to help them with all of their roofing problems. At the same time, you know there are dozens of roofing contractors in your local area all vying for the same customers. It’s crucial that you find ways to stand out, identify the best leads, nurture them and earn their business.

CRM software will help you do all of this – and more.

It will become the most important tool your business has, helping you keep track of everything to do with your customers. Given time, a CRM software solution for roofing contractors will help you:

  • Earn repeat business
  • Retain loyal customers
  • Generate positive customer testimonials
  • Generate new customers
  • Save money on marketing
  • Make the experience more valuable for the customer

The Benefits Of CRM Software For Roofing Contractors

Using a CRM solution can drastically transform your business operations. Many roofers who upgraded to this system enjoyed multiple benefits they never saw before. It can be a life-changing experience – and that’s genuinely not an exaggeration. When you go from having no CRM system to an all-in-one CRM software solution, you’ll see some positive changes.

Utilise The Most Updated Tools

How do you currently keep track of customer data? A lot of roofers are still using books and spreadsheets to handle everything. It’s not efficient and it is so out of date. With CRM for roofing contractors, you can update these tools to align them with current trends. According to various studies, 74% of businesses say CRM software gave them improved access to customer data and 60% said it improved their productivity. Simply put, you’re moving your business into the modern era and reaping the rewards at the same time. Fewer mistakes should be made and you’re able to keep track of customer data all in one place with absolute ease.

Identify, Track & Nurture Leads

What is one of the biggest problems you face as a roofing contractor? That’s right, a lack of regular business. How many times have you found potential leads, only for them to slip through your fingers? Customer relationship management software for roofers is designed to help you spot potential leads from a mile away. You can find exactly who you are looking for and have the tools to track and nurture them. It enables you to watch people as they move through the customer’s journey, implementing different solutions to entice them to you. The end goal is to nurture these leads through to conversion, earning lots of new customers.

Consequently, your sales revenue can improve dramatically over time. In fact, 45% of businesses say their sales went up after they implemented CRM software. Effectively, you’re streamlining your sales funnel to get rid of any bad leads and focus on the good ones you can actually convert.

Create Meaningful Customer Relationships

Generating new customers isn’t your only problem in the roofing industry. It is very hard to retain a loyal customer base. Too many people will pay for your services and then forget you exist. This is normally because roofing work doesn’t tend to be a regular thing. So, you need to figure out how to develop customer loyalty, so you get repeat business.

Well, CRM software for roofing contractors will do precisely that. This software can help you develop more meaningful, long-term, relationships with customers. You keep them engaged, ensuring they remember you for a long time. When the time comes for some roofing maintenance, you can bet you’ll be the one they call. Don’t just take our word for it: customer retention can improve by as much as 27% with a CRM platform.

Develop Personalised Marketing Campaigns

A huge benefit of CRM is that it lets you identify what your customers want. Yes, this improves relationships, but it also helps you develop personalised marketing campaigns. In turn, you stop wasting money on marketing methods and techniques that simply do not work. All of your cash is invested in these personalised campaigns that hit your customers on a deeper level. This includes using things like follow-up emails and other techniques to create more of a personal connection between you and your leads/customers.

Deal With The CRM Challenges For Roofing Contractors With Purple Potato

It’s no secret that managing customer relations is a struggle for roofing contractors. Most of you will have small businesses consisting of very few employees. In fact, a lot of you are flying solo. Figuring out how to manage relationships and keep your customers engaged is not easy at all.

This is why Purple Potato Software is here to help. Our CRM solution is perfectly for people in the roofing industry. It’s got a variety of features specifically designed to tackle your pain points and help you see the benefits listed above. The right solution can transform how you do business forever. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our CRM software for roofing contractors.

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