Improving Customer Support with a CRM

Customer care is a central ingredient in the recipe for business success. Contact Purple Potato to discover how a CRM can help you do better for your clients by improving customer support and bank balance.

What are your business goals for 2022? Whether it’s increasing sales, inspiring improved loyalty, or developing cost-effective ways of keeping clients happy doesn’t matter. Investing in your customer support protocols will deliver stunning results.

The best way to boost customer care is through a dedicated CRM package like Purple Potato.

The Importance of improving customer support

Customer care has always been an essential aspect of running a successful business. However, it has taken on an even greater significance in recent times because consumers can now access a global network of brands and companies within seconds from the palm of their hands. As such, their demands are at an all-time high. Thankfully, businesses that satisfy them are set to achieve fantastic rewards.

The following stats give some insight into the reasons why customer care should be a priority;

  • 96% of people believe customer support levels play a key role in their decisions regarding brand loyalty.
  • Up to 87% of customers who have enjoyed a positive customer experience will be happy to buy another product from the brand.
  • Over half of all consumers agree that they have higher expectations than they did just 12 months ago.
  • 84% of companies who work to improve their customer experience report an increase in revenue.
  • The average person will tell up to 15 people about a bad experience, which could indirectly cost you more sales.

In short, upgrading your customer support game will bolster the brand image, encourage loyal fans to come back, and turn clients into advocates. It subsequently leads to more conversions and fewer lost opportunities to boost your bottom line.

Boosting Customer Care with a CRM

The company’s commitment to customer support is a philosophy rather than a piece of software. Nonetheless, using a CRM package for your SME is essential.

While a CRM will help your business in many ways, the focus revolves around enhanced customer experiences and the aforementioned rewards it will bring. Most companies try to provide quality customer care and friendly, knowledgeable employees are a central feature. In today’s world, though, the need for speed makes CRM the best choice.

Whether contacting through email, social media, live chat, or telephone, a fast response is deemed necessary. Even when a solution isn’t found, it lets clients know that they are valued, which encourages them to stay patient. They’ll forgive mistakes or faults, but won’t forget being made to feel like a number rather than a person.

Aside from giving new customers what they want before they convert, it encourages client loyalty. Given that a 5% boost in customer retention can lift profits by at least 25%, any tool that allows your company to perform better should be grabbed with both hands. CRM will send notifications when customers make contact while clarity will be retained throughout every step until the issue is resolved.

Furthermore, a CRM allows you to collect data relating to customer interactions with you. in turn, the reports you generate can provide valuable insights into client trends and issues like bounce rates to guide your next steps. Therefore, you’ll be able to actively improve the customer experience relating to issues that they know about as well as some that they don’t even realise are affecting their time on your website or with the company.

CRMs don’t only empower individual workers to provide a faster and better service when dealing with customers. Perhaps more importantly, CRMs use real-time data and cloud collaborations so that consistency can be delivered even when a client deals with several support teams. 72% expect the agent to know about them and their history with the business. The fact that a CRM does this and stops them from having to repeat themselves to different people is key.

A good CRM will automate some aspects of your customer care while also collating and presenting data in a way that helps your team help its clients. When added to faster responses, clearer answers, and added consistency, it has to be a better solution than outdated manual methods where communication mix-ups and missed steps can cost you dearly.

Master Customer Care with Purple Potato

By now, it should be clear that a CRM can improve your client interactions – including those that do not require speaking to an agent – to ultimately boost their opinions of the brand and boost your hopes of securing conversions or repeat sales. For the best results, though, you will need to choose the right CRM package.

Purple Potato is ideal for SMEs and boasts a range of tools to aid interactions where the customer has contacted you as well as items where you take the initiative, like email marketing. To find out how it can help your company and workforce, get in touch today.

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