How reports can drastically improve your business

Business reports offer an array of benefits for companies of all sizes across multiple industries. In this guide, we’ll discuss how reports can drastically improve your business.

An introduction to business reporting

Business reporting is a tool, which can be used to drastically improve your business effectively to monitor and track progress and development, identify growth opportunities and highlight shortfalls and weaknesses. When business reports are compiled, interpreted and utilised in the right way, they can offer incredible advantages for company owners, team leaders, employees and customers.

There are various types of business reports. Some reports, for example, financial records, are legally required. This article will focus on using additional reports to guide and inform decision-making, track progress, identify, investigate and address problems, increase sales and plan and implement change.

How can businesses use reports?

There are multiple ways in which businesses can use reports to drive growth, maximise profits, boost lead conversion rates and sales and identify new opportunities. Types of reports company owners may wish to consider introducing include:

  • Financial reports: financial reports are essential for budgeting and forecasting. They are compiled regularly to ensure that businesses are hitting markers and operating in a viable, sustainable manner.
  • Sales and enquiries: sales and enquiries reports can be incredibly helpful for sales team leaders and business owners looking to analyse individual and group performance. With intuitive, real-time reporting, it’s possible to track sales and enquiries to gauge how well employees and teams are working and highlight strengths and weaknesses. Statistics show that sales enablement tool usage has increased by over 560% since 2017 (source).
  • Performance reports: monitoring performance involves analysing the performance of individuals, teams and departments, or the business as a whole, in line with key performance indicators, objectives and goals.
  • Customer activity: if you run a sales team, or your business sells products or services to clients, customer activity reports provide valuable information and insight into relationships between your business and individual customers.

What are the benefits of business reports?

There are several benefits of using business reports. For company owners and small and medium-sized businesses, it is possible to drastically improve your business by using reports in the right way. Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Tracking and documenting progress

One of the primary benefits of using business reports is being able to track and document progress. With reports, you can gain an accurate insight into how well your business is performing and ensure that you understand what is happening within the company from month to month or year to year.

  • Guiding decision-making and strategising

Making decisions in business is not always easy. With business reports, company owners and team leaders have the opportunity to access and utilise data to help them to make the right calls at the right time. Collecting and analysing data and feedback and collating reports can help business owners to adjust and improve strategies to optimise outcomes and set new goals. For marketing campaigns, for example, you can use reports to see which techniques, channels or platforms are most effective and lucrative for you.

  • Highlighting problems and weaknesses

No company is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Business reports provide an effective means of identifying and highlighting problems and weaknesses. Once you are aware of the issues that are holding your team or business back, you can address them and reduce the risk of repeat problems affecting you in the future.

  • Identifying opportunities

Business reports can help companies to identify opportunities to expand, increase sales, create and convert better quality leads, tap into new trends and enhance customer relations.

  • Customisation options

Innovative software and modern-day data collection and evaluation techniques enable business owners and sales teams to take advantage of customisation options, which provide opportunities to achieve more through using data. If you specialise in sales, for example, you can use custom reports to obtain detailed information about specific customers or enquiries.

  • Updating information

The world of business never stands still and companies have to evolve and adjust continuously. Using business reports is an excellent way to keep data up-to-date and fresh. Reports should be regular, accurate, reliable and accessible.


Business reports can offer company owners and teams access to an array of benefits. If you don’t already use reporting, it could make a huge difference to your sales figures, the way you run your organisation, the relationships you have with your customers and your potential to improve, grow and explore new opportunities. Reporting is a way of tracking and evaluating performance, improving efficiency, highlighting and addressing problems, finding out more about how your business is functioning and ensuring that operations align with key objectives and targets.

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