CRMs for a Construction Firm

Customer relationship management is important for engaging clients and establishing long-term relationships. Here’s how a CRM for a construction firm can help your business.

For many years, construction firms have followed a relatively straightforward business model. You find clients, you discuss a project, you carry it out, then you finalize the payment. However, as the construction industry evolves, firms are finding more and more ways to secure profitable contracts while also squeezing out every bit of efficiency possible from their processes. This helps to optimise every project, resulting in much faster completion times, less wasted resources, and ultimately more profit.

One new trend that’s starting to transform the industry is the use of sales software that is specifically made for the construction industry. Let’s take a look at what customer relationship management (CRM) software for a construction firm can do for you.

What can a CRM offer a construction firm?

Before adopting any kind of software solution, it’s vital that you understand exactly what it can offer you. This helps to set your expectations and gives you an idea of what the software is capable of. In the case of a CRM, here are some of the benefits that you can expect:

  • Clear and concise tracking and storage of customer records. This includes message and project history, ongoing communications, urgent enquiries, and so on. This helps you get a better overview of your client relationships so you can focus on looking after your top customers and nurturing strong long-term relationships.
  • Set up tasks and reminders to help nurture your relationship with each client. These alerts can be linked to your current projects and clients to remind you of outstanding work.
  • Automatic business reports are generated with data that you enter. This can help you forecast sales, identify busy periods, and also analyse marketing channels that work best for your needs. Performance monitoring is also a huge consideration when it comes to business reporting as it can help you better understand who your top-performing employees are and what teams are currently working on.
  • An effective CRM can also be used to improve collaborative processes. Since construction involves many different specialities and skills, it’s normal to work with multiple employees and specialists. Some of these people will work in their own time and use their own processes, so it’s a good idea to have a standardised system to help align everyone’s goals.

These are just a few examples of how a construction firm can use a CRM to its advantage. By better understanding your audience and your most valued clients, you can grow long-lasting relationships that will help provide you with a steady flow of work. This can also help you grow your name, giving you access to even more opportunities in the future.

Adopt a CRM for your construction firm today

CRMs for a construction firm can help you gain a much deeper understanding of your clients, their needs, and future opportunities. If you’re looking to grow your construction firm then it’s important to start adopting effective software solutions as early as possible.

Purple Potatoes – The Surprising Benefits To Your Health And Business

What are the health benefits of purple potatoes? Prepare to be converted thanks to our fact-filled blog post on your new favourite potato variety.

Colourful food keeps life interesting. A classic ‘beige buffet’ may be full of the naughty treats we all enjoy, but when it comes to eating a healthy and balanced diet, it pays to add some colour to your plate.

Blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli – these colourful foods are known to bring us a range of health benefits. But can a firm (beige) favourite, the potato, also have its health benefits? Well, let us introduce you to purple potatoes. They could be just what you need to boost your health, and your business too.

Wait… a purple potato?

No, we haven’t made a mistake, there is such a thing as a purple potato. And no, it’s not a beetroot.

Purple potatoes are similar to your simple spud, but they have a dark outer skin and purple flesh that retain their colour after cooking. They have an earthier taste compared to a white potato, and a denser texture.

The health benefits of purple potatoes

Adding purple potato to your dish will certainly add colour, but they also bring a lot of health benefits, including:

They’re rich in antioxidants

Most colourful fruit and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. And the bright purple hue of purple potatoes signifies a lot of antioxidants. In fact, purple potatoes can have up to two to three times the antioxidant content of white potatoes.

Antioxidants can help maintain regular blood pressure levels, improve vision, reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

They’re packed with nutrients

Don’t believe the myth that the majority of a potato’s nutrients are found in the skin. Purple potatoes are rich in fibre, are mostly fat-free, and contain protein too. They also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, which can help improve your body’s immunity and energy levels.

They’re better for your blood sugar

While carbohydrates, like those found in potatoes, can impact blood sugar levels. Purple potatoes, have a lower GI (glycemic index) of 77 compared to 93 in white potatoes, meaning they could be a better choice if you’re trying to maintain low blood sugar levels.

They could improve your heart health

There have been studies into the impact of purple potatoes on heart health. Purple potatoes could help reduce blood pressure, helping to avoid many common cardiovascular problems. 

Purple Potato – the healthy choice for your business

We’ve told you about the benefits of purple potatoes for your health. But what about the health of your business. That’s where Purple Potato comes in. Our effective, feature-packed CRM software has everything your business needs to run smoothly, taking sales software to the next level.

Let Purple Potato help you maintain your business health with innovative CRM software that will help you meet your customers’ needs.

Sounds too good to be true? Take a look at our 7-day free trial and see the difference Purple Potato can make to your business’ health.

How Does a CRM Work?

How Does a CRM Work?

Want to know more about your customers and be sure to make the right responses time and time again. Discover the benefits of a CRM system by contacting Purple Potato today.

Customer Relationship Management software, also known as a CRM, has become a hot talking point for business owners across multiple industries in recent times. Given the importance of the relationship between a brand and its clients, it’s not hard to see why.

A CRM helps SMEs build stronger business models by enhancing customer services, generating new sales, and generally increasing the company’s conversion rates while simultaneously using data-driven decisions to adapt the company to meet growing client demands.

Modern CRM systems provide far greater capabilities than human customer relationship strategies. Here’s all you need to know about what they do and how they do it.

How Does a CRM Work?

What Does a CRM Do?

CRM software serves to strengthen the bond between a brand and its customers, covering existing clients and prospective leads alike. It collects valuable data throughout several key stages of a user’s interactions with the company before subsequently analyzing this data to predict client behaviours and adapt the path to conversion accordingly.

Advanced CRMs track interactions across media, email, VoIP, and website channels. The information can then be collated to help SME sales teams make calculated decisions regarding follow-ups. For example, if a user has shown an interest in a particular product by clicking the associated webpage and requesting more information, you may want to make a call.

In addition to the insights for manual follow-ups, CRMs can use machine learning and user-led triggers to automate responses. For example, if someone adds a product to their basket and then leaves the site, it can trigger the CRM software to send an email reminding them to purchase. Thanks to A.I., the possibilities for potential trigger responses are near endless.

How Does a CRM Do This?

CRM software can be integrated with a website CMS (content management system) or other tools used by the company. Once it has been successful installed, it can track various key data metrics including but not limited to;

  • Voluntarily left user details (name, address, telephone number, etc.)
  • IP address and on-site behaviours (such as pages visited) or social media usage
  • Purchase history or current pipeline stage
  • Demographical data including age bracket, gender, company size, and more
  • Type of customer and detailed reporting

The CRM tracks information across multi-channel interactions and can additionally track contacts made with customer support teams. This gives businesses a clear and detailed contact list that includes data-driven insights that allow you to (manually or through automation) split customers into demographics or pipeline stages before making the right responses. The data tracking also shows what reactions or triggers yield the best results.

In turn, SMEs can also use CRMs for A/B testing or adjusting webpages to prevent bounce rates and other problems.

Why Choose a CRM?

The value of a CRM is clear. It ensures that all actions are tracked across multiple channels while guaranteeing that every lead or client receives a fair response that is backed by valuable data. The fact that it uses statistical data and machine learning to automate processes or encourage business owners to make the necessary adjustments should not be ignored either.

Choosing CRM software over spreadsheets or manual tracking will lead to;

  • Increased organisation
  • Reduced waste of time and money
  • Tracking across all channels, thus removing ambiguity
  • Trigger-based reactions meaning faster sales funnels
  • Visual and demographical representations for clear details

CRMs will help you build a better relationship with the most valuable assets in your organisation, the customers. To learn more about implementing a world-class CRM app for your business, sign up for a free 7-day trial today!

Increasing Your Conversion Rate Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Is boosting your conversion rate something you need to do? We’ve got the information that you need down below.

Is your conversion rate not where you want it to be right now? It might be the case that you have a high amount of website traffic, but your conversions are still lacking. There are a number of reasons that this could be happening, and you need to start putting measures in place to ensure that this doesn’t continue. Down below, we’re going to take a look at some of the things that you can do to boost your conversion rate, so keep reading down below.

Follow Up

The first thing that we are going to recommend is that you should be following up with any enquiries into your business. For example, if someone is browsing your site and they add something to the basket but don’t check out, this can be because they have forgotten about it, or they decided against it. However, you’re not going to know which it is, so you should follow up. Have an automated email ready to go to remind them that they had something in their basket. Try to use phrases like ‘forgot to checkout’ as this makes it more likely for them to head back. Also, in this email, try to ensure that you include the product or products that they placed in their basket.

These abandoned cart emails can be extremely helpful when it comes to picking up some sales that may have been forgotten. On average, companies who send abandoned cart emails manage to recover between 4-5%. While it might not seem like much, it’s much more than the 0% that you will recover if you don’t employ this method.

You can also call the customer and talk to them about the item that they were looking at. Ask them if there is a reason they decided not to purchase it, or if they plan to purchase it but haven’t done it just yet. Make sure you are friendly and polite, otherwise you’re going to get the phone put down on you and you can kiss the conversion goodbye.

Keeping Organised

You should also make sure that you are keeping all of your enquiries organised. Things are much easier to manage when they are laid out clearly for yourself or the team to browse through. This will make your life that little bit easier, and if you use crm software, it will remind you to follow up where needed. This can be a massive help, ensuring that you don’t miss out on potential conversions simply because you were unorgainsed.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do to boost your conversion rate. Take the advice that we have given above, and you are going to find your sales going through the roof. We wish you the very best of luck.

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Sales

Are you not seeing the levels of sales that you have been hoping for? If this is the case, then we recommend you start making some little changes. You might not believe that making small changes will have a big impact on your sales, but we guarantee you that it will. Keep reading down below to find out more.

Working on graphs
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Social Media

The first thing that you need to think about is social media. You should be using your pages on these platforms to show why your business offers solutions that people need. Try to stick to the 80/20 rule when it comes to your content. This simply means that 80% of your content should be either educational, entertaining or offering a solution, while the other 20% should be directly promoting your business.

Commit Money To Advertising

Another thing that you should do is commit money to advertising. Marketing is an essential part of any business, and even if it is only a little bit of extra cash in the advertising budget, it can do wonders.

Increase Your Site Speed

Have you thought about your site speed? On average, if your site takes longer than 2 seconds to load, users will abandon ship and try another site. There are a few simple ways that you can increase site speed that won’t make for a lot of hassle, but will have a huge impact on your conversion rate.

Use A Call To Action

At the end of any content that you post, make sure that you are using a call to action. This is a phrase or a sentence that tells the reader to do something. An example of a call to action would be ‘get in touch with us today.’

Enhance Customer Service

Your customers are the very backbone of your business. Without them, the business doesn’t exist, and that’s what you need to remember. When speaking to your customers, ensure your staff remain polite, professional and do everything they can do to help. You are far more likely to win customers with excellent customer service.


Customer relationship management is essential to your business whether you see it or not. This is where a company looks at interactions with customers, using data analysis to look at a large amount of information. You will then be able to engage with more people once everything is managed effectively, bringing in more sales.

Always Think About Your Customers

Finally, no matter what you are doing, make sure you are thinking about your customers. If you are planning a new advertising campaign, think about the people you are targeting. If you are trying to come up with a new product, think about your customers and what solution they may need. Always think about your customers.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see 7 little changes that will make a big difference when it comes to your sales. If you take this advice, you are going to see more sales than ever before.

How will a CRM Help Your Company Grow?

A CRM can help you to grow your company rapidly. Here’s what you need to know.

If you run a business then you will know that customer relationships are absolutely key to ensuring that your organisation grows at a healthy, consistent rate. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that you manage your customers efficiently, and CRM can help you to do just that.

Find the Right Customers

Did you know that for businesses that do not utilise CRM software, 79% of leads never actually convert to sales? You will have likely spent a great deal of time and resources collecting these leads, you’ll want to make sure that you convert as many of them as possible. Time is of the essence when you are a small business, and if you connect your marketing, email and social channels to your CRM then you will soon find it is easier to manage everything in one convenient dashboard. This allows you to target and engage more people, turning them from leads into loyal customers that are passionate about your brand.

man shaking hands
Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Building Sustainable Relationships

You have to make sure that you have a deep understanding of your customer if you want to grow your business. Empathy is key. You need to explore their challenges and you also need to know what matters to them. A CRM platform will help you to connect with your customers more efficiently as it allows you to track key business contacts, set task reminders, host email templates, log correspondence and much more. The cumulative effect of this will skyrocket your professional relationship with your customers and allow your business to stand out as a competent and smoothly run operation.

Reducing the Cost of Sales

New customers are a key ingredient when it comes to company growth, however, they are certainly not easy or cheap to come by. The great news is that you can offset some of the costs of your customer acquisition by generating sales through the customers you have now. CRM will help you to gain more visibility when it comes to upselling and it will also help boost your reputation.

More Revenue

A CRM can help you to improve your business by boosting your sales efficiency while also helping you to prioritise leads. It will give you the opportunity to see who is most likely to convert, while also giving you the ability to see your total engagement level. It will increase your up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, not to mention that it can also uncover any referral business for you too. You can say goodbye to cold-calling and dead ends because with CRM, you can take control over your marketing efforts while also being able to expand the realm of your customer service.

CRM really is a game-changer when it comes to the world of business, and you would be surprised at how much you are missing out right now by simply not having it as a tool in your arsenal. If you want to invest in a CRM for yourself or if you are interested in finding out how your company could benefit on a personal level, then why not contact us today at Purple Potato Software? We can’t wait to help.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a CRM

CRM is a valuable tool that should be in every company’s arsenal. Here are 5 benefits of integrating it within your business:

Did you know that the CRM market is expected to grow exponentially? It is expected to hit $43.5 billion by the year 2024, so now is the best time for you to be investing in it. CRM is a powerful tool that allows you to accelerate your business growth while eliminating friction from your commercial procedures. It gives you the power to run your business no matter where you are with the ability to collaborate with your team, synchronise data, automate tasks and track performance. Want to find out more? Simply take a look below.

Two people working on a laptop

Centre Your Growth Around the Needs of your Customers

In business, empathy is key. When your business starts to grow rapidly, it can be incredibly easy for your leads to fall through the net. You may find that you are not able to give your customers the focus that they deserve and selling yourself short like this can be frustrating for both you and your customers. Using a CRM platform can eliminate a lot of the friction experienced with growth. It gives you the power to do more, with less and allows you to grow your company with customer experience at the forefront.

Aligning Your Teams

If you have multiple teams, then you will understand how important it is for you to align everyone properly. If your team members collaborate properly, then this will allow you to share critical data, ultimately streamlining your customer’s experience. Customers want an experience that is seamless and consistent, and if you want them to stay loyal to your brand then it is imperative that you integrate an effective CRM system within your company.

Synching and Sharing Information, Made Easier

CRM systems allow you to streamline, otherwise time-consuming tasks. You no longer have to worry about manually updating your contact records, you don’t need to worry about your team not having access to certain customer files and you don’t need to wrack your brains for what should come next. Your CRM will be a single source for everyone, so your team can offer a personalised, professional and polished experience from start to finish.

Automation – Paving the Way for the Future

CRM systems automate various day to day tasks. Allowing you to accelerate your output, while eliminating unnecessary tasks and overall boosting your company’s productivity. As a result, your company’s capacity will increase, and you will be primed for growth. The cumulative effects are exponential.

Creating a Workflow

The best CRM system will provide a way to regulate and manage your workflow. Workflows help to co-ordinate your sales effort and allow you to monitor your marketing and commercial procedures. It is very easy for you to create a high level of workflow by simply using the right CRM system and a near certainty that the ROI you will get for integrating a CRM system within your company will more than outweigh the cost of the investment.

CRM really is paving the way for the future, and it is remarkable to see how much the industry has grown in recent years. If you have never explored the idea of using CRM before, then now is the time for you to change that, by investing in a quality CRM system that more than meets the individual needs of your business.

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