5 Things We All Hate About CRM’s

Increasing sales and customer relationships

Increasing sales and customer relationships as a business are more effective with CRM strategies. Although they are useful, there are some things about them that can be quite frustrating. Let’s take a look.

Increasing sales and profits is every businesses aim. Although money isn’t everything, it certainly helps a business attain greater success.

With CRM’s, it is made more possible to increase and enhance customer relationships with existing and potential customers.

Although they prove to be effective, there are some things that business owners will likely hate about CRM’s. Of which, most people will have these dislikes in common.

On that note, let’s take a look at the top 5 things we all hate about CRM’s.

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What is a CRM?

A CRM is a customer relationship management system, which works to manage interactions with existing and potential customers. Its main aims are to manage sales, points of contact, and enhance productivity in a business.

A CRM works by utilizing tools that can help to build customer relationships, which will work to grow a business. There are various CRM tools that businesses can use to support customer relationship management. It all depends on your type of business and what pros you are looking for.

Speaking of pros, there are also some cons to CRM’s that we can all agree are pretty frustrating.

5 things we all hate about CRM’s

CRM’s can be highly beneficial to increase and maintain customer relationships. However, they aren’t always great. Here are the 5 things that we can all agree to hate about CRM’s.

When it isn’t connected to your email

When a CRM isn’t connected to your email then you will lack communication with your customers, which is the whole purpose of using CRM’s. They are designed to build customer relationships and make them easier. Therefore, when they are not connected to your email properly, there will be a lack of communication, which can hinder your customer relationships.

Around 60% of CRM users claim that the poor email connectivity process can make the tools a complete failure. After all, they are designed to make email communication much more seamless for a business.

When the system isn’t user-friendly

Some CRM’s are simply not designed to be user-friendly. Therefore, there offer a poor user experience, which opposes their aim.

Nobody wants to waste their time with a slow or confusing CRM tool, especially a customer. Therefore, it is reasonable to deem a CRM a failure if it doesn’t provide your customer with a good experience.

When you have to input excessive data

Using CRM’s in your business is useful to manage your time better and improve your productivity. Therefore, when you have to input excessive amounts of data into the CRM system for it to be effective, it opposes what it is designed to do.

The extra work will hinder your productivity and impact how much time you can spend on sales.

When it doesn’t cooperate well with other sales tools

Every business will likely use multiple sales tools in order to maximize the sales potential of their business. Therefore, if a CRM doesn’t cooperate well with other sales tools, then it will hinder your sales potential. It will create conflict in your business and increase your manual work, which isn’t fun.

The purpose of a CRM is to streamline your sales process and maximize your sales potential. If it doesn’t work well with other tools then it will make the sales process much more challenging and slow.

When they are difficult to use with complicated reports

Seeing as the purpose of a CRM is to make a business run more smoothly, it can be frustrating when the reports are complex and difficult to understand and learn from.

A complex CRM report can take a person hours to run through and understand, let alone use it to tweak the business in order to maximize sales. Therefore, it is understandable to hate CRM’s when they offer complex reports.

Moreover, when a CRM is difficult to use from the business side of things, it is even more so frustrating. They should be easy to implement and use so that you can go about your other business matters. They are designed to make processes easier and quicker, not slow them down. Therefore, it is best to use simple CRM’s that offer visual and quick to understand reports so that you can maximize your businesses potential.

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